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Strategic, Value Adding Investment

We employ a highly disciplined and value enhancing investment approach which is backed by a systematic due diligence and assessment process.

Operational improvement within businesses is crucial to generating additional shareholder value.

For this reason, our management team and Board of Advisors, who have extensive operational, investment and local/international experience across different industry sectors, are integral in supporting the transformation of SMEs into strong export led companies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to situations and create dynamic deal structures, that align our interests with the management team and ensure capital is utilised in the most efficient manner.

At Tolisons Capital we differentiate ourselves and our offering through our unique approach.

We share a basic desire with the people and businesses we partner with and invest in, to build successful companies.

Our people have been successful at all stages of a company’s life cycle. They have experience of founding, leading, operating and scaling companies both domestically and internationally.

At Tolisons Capital we are committed to providing capital for growth and investing, in what we term the four P’s – People, Product, Potential and Partnership.

We believe that investing capital in good businesses and partnering with talented entrepreneurs, who share our values, will lead to successful growth and export led businesses.

We target companies across all sectors and at all stages of the business life-cycle, from start-ups to more established, mature businesses.

Our expertise allows us to facilitate development and growth, as well as restructuring, recapitalisation, acquisitions and exit.


If you have an investment proposal for which you are seeking funding please submit your proposal for review.

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